9 and One-Half Minutes in The Mirror…

Darkness! When the clock started ticking this time, again, it wasn’t no fun. It was 3:08 am when the madness begun…

The room was dimly lit, but when I looked into that framed piece of glass on the wall, I saw nothing at all. I was staring into a deep dark Abyss!

I should have known, that’s where they all go. It makes sense to me only because I’ve witnessed their mass exodus and never before, their entrance.

It was about 2 minutes in when it all started to begin. The color didn’t change upon my gaze, but I started to see the movement of various sizes and shapes…

The room grew cold and this wasn’t the norm as, on the glass my breath began to form…

About 4 minutes in, the first ones appeared. They flew right past my head, just missing my ear. They were witches, I could tell by their laughs. They fed off of my fear…

About 5 minutes in, I noticed the smell. This mirror on the wall had to be the gateway to Hell!

At 6 minutes, I noticed ripples in the mirror. My thoughts were uncertain and what was next, unclear…

Sweating now and full of fear, one by one, they began to appear. Demons, goblins, ghosts, spirits, and ogres. I thought to myself, “I’ve finnaly done gone and lost it”! Wait! Was that a skeleton? I thought I had them locked in the closet! Then I remembered, my closet doesn’t have any doors, how about yours?

8 minutes in and I’m not sure I can take much more of this smell, these demons, and the gore…

9 minutes in and my legs go numb as my back begins to spasm. Am I really seeing all of this, or did I just imagine them?

In the Witching Hour, once again, I fell under a spell that caused my brain to spam. These things weren’t real, they just came out of a thought chasm!

In active addiction, I avoided looking directly into a mirror. I couldn’t stand what I was, what I’d become. Today, almost three years free from the chains of addiction, my mind still does crazy things if I stare into the mirror for too long…Stay up. Stay human too though.

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

1 Comment

  1. So descriptive, so captivating!!
    I just wanted to keep reading.

    The mirror is something that I have always associated with.
    In many, many ways.

    The very first time was when I was 4/5 years old, I sat in front of the mirror crying and screaming. Watching my face, shifting from one emotion to another.

    I find myself 20 years later, doing the same thing.

    But this time I’m trying to understand what it is inside..

    What is it that is making me feel this way? Is it my heart? Is it my gut? Is it my mind?

    I want to say on the flip side, there are days where I look in the mirror with admiration.

    In the back ground I hear, you know you look good, stop beginning for attention.

    Do they know what it took just to “face the man in the mirror”?

    What mask it was that I had to put on??
    What I had to tell myself?
    What I had to forget?


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