Traveling Minds…

In thinking of worlds, inside of this one is cut-throat as Hell! Taking shade from the universal veil~nothing here is for sale…

The Sun, it peeks through the blinds and inside of my shadow I’m able to pull these transcendent thoughts from inside of his mind. No where else will you find anything close to thoughts of this kind!

~Travelling Minds~

I,ve got ghosts for eyes, and sometimes, the Devil is still in my ears. If not, he ain’t hard to find. I just ate the stolen thoughts from my shadows mind. my thinking is changing and quickly! I never thought I’d have thoughts of this caliber, of this kind. How long will this last? This monstrous thought blast. It hurts to think! I look over at my shadow and with one yellow eye, he smiles and winks!!!

Every-time I blink, I see a different color and my blood, it feels like it’s beginning to boil! As hard as I try, this attack, I cannot foil…

Thoughts are shifting. I see in shapes and I can smell color. my mind has become benumbed, but this is starting to get fun. I get up and off of the pew; I can’t walk nor run. I can barely stand. I look down and they’re melting, my hands.

The ghosts have left my eyes as I know have kaleidoscope vision. It’s starting to get really intense, again”’

I wish I had something to distract me when…I remember, I did this. I don’t need to be caught. I deserve these thoughts!!!

~Traveling Minds~

My whole body just went numb! When will this stop? When will this go away? I am a little scared, but not afraid…

All of the sudden, I see someone staring at my shadow and if he only knew he’d be running. From the looks of this man, what he’s about to steal, he can’t stomach or stand!

He pounces, just like a cat, and 1, 2, 3, just like that he’s got it and on the floor flat on his back! I can hear him wimper, “this isn’t what I wanted! I didn’t even pay for this! It wasn’t even bought! Who in their right mind could have such thoughts”!

Be careful stealing someone else thoughts. You never know what a smile is hiding or what a false facade a blank stare can be…

Stay up. Stay human too.

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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