Emotionally Colorful!

I used to have a taste for anger and to fear, I was no stranger! Today, I can smell hope and it ain’t even at the end of a rope!

It’s been 2 years, 9 months, and 8 days since I’ve shot dope!

Back in those days, my eyes, skin, and Soul were gray…

Since the, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve lived a lot, succeeded and failed a lot. I blog a lot because I’ve got a lot to say…

First of all, I am an addict and my name is Jay. I no longer feel rejected and by saying I’m an addict, it helps me accept it. But, I must say it everyday…

Some days, I still feel gray, numb without drugs, like I’m caught in some type of matrix. There’s no way I can fake this, so, it must be real??!!!?? Others days, I feel as real as cold blue steel!

Everything, everyday has a different color and on each day, I must mull it over, and hopefully, it makes sense, you know, what I discover?!

Oh so colorful are these things we call emotions. They have the potential to change like the wind, so, to one, it’s no use to stay devoted.

Up, down, and inside-out, I’m still tryna figure this color chart out and why I feel what I feel and what it’s all about.

One color, one day, for one emotion can change the next. I’ve discovered that notion and accepted that conception…

And each color has a different shade that can alter by the day. It can change by what you hear, by what I say…

I have faith, yes, but not the transcendental kind. It’s a faith of or in my mind, for, as confusing as it may be at times, it’s the only kind not given, its the only type I can find that is MINE!

Just as the colors for emotions can change, so can the shade. #builtnotbought! MADE!

Emotins can change too and many times a day, for me, they do!

What do colors and emotions mean to you???!!!?!??!

oh yeah, some, because of my attempt to get in touch with my emotions, will say I’ not a man~Well then, up against the world, alone, I stand BRAVELY!

Saty up. Stay human

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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