It’s A Good Day To Die

I been clean for years, having fun, and bumpin my gums…I knew this day would come! I thought I had it made and along came the Devil throwin shade…

He was too much to handle, even with all these pentagrams and candles!

I tried, I attempted to make a clear and present statement, but I should’ve known, he’d slam my face to the pavement…

I should’ve seen, my life was soaked in kerosene and with a good match…

My actions and the lack of a few things were the bad match…

What it do? What it won’t? All I can say is, live, I won’t..

What can I say? It’s not in my DNA!

I’m an addict and my name is Jay!

Along with the Devil, I go, because, to die, today is a good day…

Stay up. Stay human.

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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