Soulcial Purgatory

My Soul, it shakes like a tambourine! I wish I could show you what it feels like to be me….

Emotional disconnection along with Soulcial rejection!

Company, it loves misery! This is what I cannot stand for me when all I give you is honesty…

But, neither can I get when I feel like a reject…

Are you sure you know what it is I am talking about? To old to matter, too addicted to have any clout!

The louder the sounds get, the harder it becomes for me to forget!

Clarity! This I cannot see, because it blinds me from who I am trying to be!

Infatuation towards the gravitation! It’s all just one big speculation!

Easy come, easy go right along with the ebbs and flows~this theory, I reject! Does that make me a reject? Ignorance is what I have come to expect!

An addict, I am the epitome, so wish for me! Tell your dad to stop tryna come and fight me!!!!!!!!!

Everybody that says they love me, I look around, and they are the one’s that cannot be found!

What is it you blame me for? I hope you find what it is you are looking for! Your reactions, have made me, once again, feel as privileged as a whore!

I let my life loose through my pen to tell a story. In real life, I have shown you so much more, but you still don’t know me!!!

Is it really that bad, to be in this Soulcial Purgatory? Like Tupac said, : you can’t see me”!

I’m pretty sure, I’ll remain here indefinitely!

upside down in a right side up world, and thinking about pushing!

Stay up. Stay human. #builtnotbought

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