A Knew Kind of Heavy!

Thought into emotion and the other way around. They both infiltrate my cosmic weight and not a minute too soon or a second too late and it’s a knew sound they both begin to formulate!

~!A Knew Kind of Heavy!~

I’m not talking about gravity as much as I am emotional prosperity and mental longevity…

Lighter in step and heavier in thought, I just don’t stay there too long to avoid being caught! WonderLust and pixie dust along with a knew found trust!

~!A Knew Kind of Heavy!~

Heavy in thought, but deeper in emotion, it’s all still just a tiny drop in the ocean! One day, again, I hope to find, this knew place I’ve found inside of my mind! I wonder if anyone out there can relate to my cosmic weight?

~!A Knew Kind of Heavy!~

The cosmic weight must be built, for it cannot be bought and once you have it, you must be cautious as it can be lost and even this, comes at a cost!

~!A Knew Kind of Heavy!~

I’m on a low! No, wait! I’m high! I know this because I had to reach DOWN to touch the sky! I knew this existed, this knew plane of existence. I just had to be persistent! Cosmic weight, acid jazz, and some fucking plaid pants!

~!A Knew Kind of Heavy!~

Stay up. Stay human too….1

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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