Poring Coffee in the Dark

LIFE! Sometimes it’ll lift you up. while at others, it’ll tear you apart! Sometimes it is dark, and sometimes, well, sometimes it is lite! Them smiles and cries, right?

Sometimes, it makes me feel stupid, and sometimes, because of it, I feel smart. What about those times though, when I attempt to pour coffee in the dark?

Just when I think I’m a smart man, I go and do something dumb like that, and burn my damn hand!

I know longer make my decisions through my incisions nor base them off of any type of organized religions…

Though, it makes no difference how I choose, the former or the latter, cause and effect will turn good decisions bad, and cause everything to scatter!

The “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is something I seek, but may never find, so, I’ll just let it ride…

Even after two years, nine months, and fourteen days in recovery, I try, but still can’t always see what lies in front of me. I lived the wrong way for so long that living “right” seems so out of reach, so out of sight. I do my best not to make decisions that will cause me or my loved ones pain, but I am not always successful at this. Life is a gamble for me most days as I am still so unsure of my ways. I’m not always sure what to do or say. I make mistakes and sometimes I have to make them fifteen times before I realize, the error in my ways. People often ask me why I do things the hard way. Well, why do you assume that I see another way?! I am an addict! My name is Jay!

~!Pouring Coffee in the Dark!~

Stay up. Stay Human too though!

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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