It was 5:55 am and his thoughts were just as thick as the fog inside of his mind. Truths smothered by insecurities!

It was seemingly impossible to concentrate when all I an do is perpetually Reverberate…

Thoughts and ideas bouncing off of the walls and down the halls of his mind, down his arm, to his hand, for my pen to find…

In Reverberation, nothing is concrete, there is no foundation. Brain, mind, Imagination! These things just keep happening, from the end, right fucking back to the beginning…

It was a beautiful sting, when I “Tattooed My Soul”, but it was the feeling I fell in love with. You know, letting go of the fallacy of control?!

My mind makes music. I know! I’m sick! Each thought is a note and each time it comes back, it’s been spun around and is now upside-down! My imagination is the station or, maybe, the instrument in which my emotions strum, bang, and FUCKING pound on so relentlessly~Reverberation!~I love the sound!

Some days, sometimes, it’s a pretty dirty thing, the music in my mind that is. Soap for my mind I no longer wish to find! Read my lips, JUST SAY NO TO CENSORSHIP!!!!!

I try to explain this to the people who say they love me, as well as those who are trying to help me, the best I fucking can! They nod in agreement with a fucking smile, but they really don’t understand!

The drum of thought is pounding as I sit here crying with my head in my hands…

Silence is deafening to me! The music will take over, overtake, and then, nothing’s real and everyone is fake!

Sometimes, it’s not even music that’s being made inside the concert that has become my mind, it’s just noise. Echoing sounds are all that I can find! Strumming, plucking, banging, and pounding, but oh so delicately and with a fineness…

This noise in my mind, often times, brings to my eyes, a blindness, and nothing helps, so there’s no use to even try…

By the way of the gun and with this music in my mind, today ought to be fun so long as I don’t go blind…

Maybe today, I’ll be the maestro, maybe I’ll be the conductor. Then I thought, who would that be good for?!


I gotta go, for I can no longer afford to waste another breathe of thought! #builtnotbought

Cuz I got this friend you see inside of my head and I know he’s real cuz he makes me feel! He doesn’t tell me what I want to hear as he forces me to face my fears! and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on………


Stay up. Stay human too!

#keyedup #inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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