I can’t find any antiseptic for this anapestic style I have found and the thought provoking mental chains continue, to keep me bound.

Born and bred to be a fighter, to yearn to breathe the open air, made it hard to see, let alone believe, that freedom wasn’t in the fight, but in the surrender. Some things had to be revered, while others are forced to be severed.

What is more important, revelation or reason? I had to realize that freedom wasn’t free when the cost that was paid, was treason.

3-4am, the hour in witch time stands still and nightmares become reality. Insanity, subconsciously chosen, will always cause time to remain frozen~absence of movement…

I always looked at my mind as a fortress, but never realized, how, at times, it’s just a cage! Brain~Mind~Imagination~What’s more important, reason or revelation? Is sanity a mere superstition? A myth, as is religion? Observing my observations, this “Harmonious Punk”, knows no moderation!

My mind is screaming! My imagination and demons are calling. One more step and over the edge I will be falling…

Don’t judge me because I don’t think as you do! This post, I will finish later, To Be Continued…

Stay up. Stay Human too!

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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