My name is Relapse!

Hello Jason, my name is Amber, and you should go back to recovery! Just by saying that makes you, to me, fucking ugly! You don’t know what addiction is, let alone recovery, so don’t pretend you fucking know it, or me, otherwise, go ahead and write my god damn eulogy!

I’m gonna say a lot of shit on and in this blog post! letters are just carefully grouped together words. Some of which are better heard than they are read and more are even better said! I’m gonna do both, That way, they are heard and fucking said!!!!!

Some of you may read these words and not even think twice, but to others, my words are bathed in meaning and know the meaning of life.

I got nothing more right now. I’m so mad and this ain’t no fucking joke! Please, stop, suffocating me! I can”t stand still let alone breathe when all you allow is me to cough and choke…..

Fuck it! I’m out! I guess I’ll give you all something to go and fucking talk about!

Stay up. Stay human….

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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