Seriously Mysteriously!

Hey, hi, and hello out there.These are to be some of the most tonally correct words that have yet to been writ. I’ma write em in English too, as I’m so done with Sanskrit!First off, lemme re-introduce myself. I am Blackwell, first name, motger-fucking Jay! It’s about time I take myself up off that shelf as I’m finally back in the “219”! So, listen up and maybe, for once, hear what the fuck I got to say!?Keep your ears open, but your heads down, as I’m done with warning shots! These next few are coming straight across the bow!The fuck you mean? Did you think I was gonna forget?! Go ahead and drag my name through the mud! I’ll just pick it up and wash it off! In fact, somebody get me some detergent!Racing thoughts and pressured speech make laying these words down seem so out of reach!I no longer feel like I’m drowning! Today, my smile is real as underneath it, I am no longer frowning!I’m tired of crying and feeling like I’m dead inside! What?! Too soon? Well, I’ve no longer got anything to hide? The 4 wheels of my skateboard are on the ground and I’m ready to ride!I loved you with a hardness that you were never able to understand, let alone, harness! I’m not sorry for this and am no longer begging for your forgiveness! I will get through this…After all that you’ve put me through, it was hard to figure out what the fuck was the next right thing to do! My vision is clear today and I’m making moves, most of which, do not include you…I’m still at full throttle, but I don’t live my life so wide open any more! You ruined that, used my honesty against me to make me feel as privileged as a whore!Those days are over and gone. It’s time I start living, Seriously, and a bit more Mysteriously!Stay up. Stay human too!#builtnotbought

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