Inverse Reflection!

Inverse Reflection is a math equation that is presented on a graph where, the values of X is switched with the values of Y. You are probably wondering what the importance of this is in this post. Well, sit back and allow me to explain to you why…

The real and the imagined share a physical source in the brain…

I wear my heart on one sleeve, and on the other, my Soul. I yearn to know more, but right now, nothing is all I know. These two sleeves I wear, are all I have to show, and, at times, can be quite the heavy load. One sleeve bleeds, while the other, comes and goes, sometimes fast, and sometimes slow.


“Perspective Illusion~two words, Illusion and Perspective! “Perspective is an important feature of visual perception”, as it perceives things as they outwardly appear. It gives them a definition that is mostly subjective!

Illusion, by definition, is, “a thing that is, or is likely to be, wrongly interpreted or perceived by the senses”, and these sense can be oh so deceptive!!!

This describes the way society as a whole views those who have lost or may have never even had, control. The ones that hurt and are full of disease, but who also have hearts of gold!

They, society, are experiencing visual illusions fueled by subjective delusions~a judgmental, mental apperception! They are seeing what thet perceive, they are having a disconnection between reality and perception…

So, I beg of you, can we at least try to use some Inverse Reflection instead of relying Souly on our sense that can be oh so deceptive when it comes to defining another’s worth and be a little more receptive?!

Because, it’s when you’re at your worst, no one cares! Change! Do you have any to spare?!

Stay up. Stay human too…

#projectsparechange #inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought


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