Soul Control, Part One…

My SwitchBlade Angels, they are circling overhead! Did it finally happen? Did I finally die? Is it finally over? Am I finally dead?

I look down and my left arm is soaking wet, it’s red, it’s blood, for that’s the arm in which I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m not sure though, how much more blood that I have to bleed…

I look over and my right arm, well, it’s fucking floating! The Viking’s, in the ship that has become my mind, are harmoniously rowing, and the drum that guides them, it’s pounding and it’s moaning! There’s nothing left for me, it is deafening!!! For this is the arm in which I bear such a heavy load, my Soul…

To save my left arm, you do remember, right, my heart? Well, that’s the easy part; all I have to do is stop the bleeding. I learned how to do this from a book, you know, from reading?

To save my right arm, you remember, right, my Soul? Well, that’s gonna be a little harder. It’s gonna take more time, so, I’ll have to take it slow, as I learn, only to master the art of Soul Control…

Sit, be still, and breathe Blackwell! I must admit, at times, this can be so frightening, to watch my Soul go up inside the smokestack lightning!

To be continued….

Stay up. Stay human too…

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought #projectsparechange

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