Brutal honesty! That’s what “they” said it was going to take me to ever have success in recovery…

So, I set sail, destined to not fail, not expecting, my honesty to ever be used against me! Not everyone does this though, no. It’s a concentrated group of people I somehow can’t seem to avoid and it’s got me annoyed!

It’s 3:44 am and I’m on a killing spree once again! But, I’m not into murdering men, women, and children~It’s me I’m killing! Layin to rest all the bullshit Jay’s I’ve ever been, while making better choices and more in-depth self reflection as I am careful not to let emotions over-come reason…

Everyday, evolving as my mind continues it’s revolving. It spins at 9 million revolutions per minute, and that’s on a slow day~I don’t fight it anymore, it’s beyond me! What can I say?

Being judged for my honesty and because of my reputation, has caused the real me to become forsaken, overlooked, and mistaken. It has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Brackish! It has almost caused me to become one of those people who’s views I am attempting to re-arrange with Project Spare Change! Blackened, but not completely, maybe just blackish is the color of my heart when this happens…

So, please do not judge a life you’ve never lived. I ask you, Can You Spare Change?!

Stay up. Stay Human too…

#builtnotbought #projectsparechange

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