The Feels! Pt. One

Good morning out there! I’m on them Feels once again or should I say, Still?! And, I’m fine with that these days, as I’ve acquired a new Power of Will! My feelings are no longer a four letter word…

I hear a lot of people saying, “Life is hard”, it’s NOT though, LIFE IS LIFE! Read that again! Life is Life, we as humans make it hard! Most of, if not all, people run from their fears as well as what makes them scared. This isn’t natural, this isn’t nature! This is generations of social conditioning and social stratification causing people to believe it is natural. This is a scapegoat and the easy way out!!!!!! Nothing I’ve ever had came to me easily, including my emotional intelligence! I used to say, “Life is easy, we as humans complicate it with emotions”, boy was I ever wrong!!!

Emotions only complicate things when they are being ignored. It’s like their way of saying, “HEY! I’m over here! Pay attention to me”!

I had to learn how to heal without the band aid of drugs and alcohol before I could begin this never-ending learning process of becoming more Emotionally Intelligent!

Allow me to break it down~

“Emotional Intelligence is the ability to deal with other people successfully. By understanding one’s own feelings they can understand and evaluate others. These are the five MAIN elements of Emotional Intelligence”—-

~Self Awareness

~Self Regulation



~Social Skills

Did you notice, in the definition, they used the word evaluate and NOT judge?! There’s a HUGE difference…

In part two of The Feels series, we will break down the 5 main elements of Emotional Intelligence. For today though, I would like to ask those of you reading this to pause for a minute, take a deep breath, and make an honest effort to not only identify what exactly it is that you are feeling, sit in it for a moment, and then decide what to do or not do with it. This won’t be easy at first, but neither was learning how to walk and talk and look at you now!!!

I promise you, this will not only become easier with time and honest, diligent efforts, but it will change your fucking Life forever!

Stay up. Stay Human too…

#builtnotbought #projectsparechange

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