Hey, hi, and hello out there! This post is dedicated to all those that have never had a home, those who have never felt at home, or worse, felt alone in their own home….

These days, I use my nervousness with purpose and common sense. What I mean is, I turnt home into a feeling, a sense, instead of allowing it to only be a physical presence…

It was ALWAYS so cold in my last one, my home, that I could ALWAYS see my breathe and I grew tired of ALWAYS almost freezing to death. I was ALWAYS chilled to the bone…

Is it too far fetched, for you to understand, that Home for me, is still under a park bench? Even still, understanding is NOT competence…

I no longer run from the gray in my mind, for, at times, it is the only place that is not so erratic, you know, where your brain turns into TV static, as well as the destination I run to when Home is what I seek to find, it’s always there in my mind…

Please, let us not judge a life that we have ever lived!

Stay up. Stay Human…

#builtnotbought #inthegrip #whiteknuckles #projectsparechange

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