The Real World!

These are such confusing times in which we live, oh where to begin….

With the world at our fingertips, we are surrounded with information, but drowning in ignorance as we so eagerly open our mouths to be spoon fed bullshit! I am sure I will be judged for this!

You get up and get out of bed, take a piss, and then look in the mirror~what do you see? Most won’t like it~Most won’t know what the fuck to do about it!~most are in the fucking GRIP! and even this, they won’t admit!

The friends you think are your friends, really ain’t! Sittin still, tryna breathe and I feel like I’m gonna faint! Family that ain’t blood because the one’s that was, yeah them, all they know how to do is judge for not living life as they would!

TV, radio, and let’s not forget social media~what is real? Who is fake? Wolves in sheep clothing stepping over a bunch of fucking snakes!

I guess I found a place to begin, but let us not forget though, about religion! The message came to me last night on the ankle of a pigeon~it was constructed to control with fear the hearts and minds of everyone, eveywhere! To me, this has never been so clear…

I woke up again, overwhelmed with all of these thoughts inside my head, and more coming at me, just around the corner, up ahead…

I’ll continue this later, as my train just pulled into the Bend…

Fake people, fake news, right-side-up world and I’m upside-down! Fake smiles that hide all the frowns! Politicians and religious leaders? More like a bunch of fucking clowns!

Most won’t even talk about why they are hurting or what makes them sad, because of the “don’t upset the heard” mentality, and it’s this that is keeping you all mad!!!! What? Too much truth? Oh, my bad….let’s continue with the insanity!

Most of you “freethinkers” are just waiting to jump on the next bandwagon fad without an original thought in your fucking heads! All you do is re-word what you’ve already heard, what you just read!

Fuck where to start! When and where does all this bullshit end?! And you say I’m crazy for spending so much time in my own head!!!

“They” say we’re only as sick as the secrets we keep and that whatever you sew, the same you shall reap. with that being said, it’s a wonder how most people eat, because farming ain’t all they don’t know, while their secrets they will always keep!

More, more, more, gimme more is all I see and hear. People obsessed with more and overcome from fear, I see you though, because your fake smile can’t hide all them tears!

Social stratification got most of you afraid to be alone, wanting only to “keep up with the Jones’, and in doing so has got you all looking down your cold, judgmental noses….

I took this world and tore it apart. Now, my world has a different name…

Stay up; Stay human too though…

#builtnotbought #inthegrip #whiteknuckles #projectsparechange

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