The Mustard Plug!

“Will you look me in the eyes and tell me I”m not dying?!”

I wanna look at you and feel something other than pain!

I’m sick! It’s impossible to wake up and feel anything close to Love….

I’ve become an insignificant voice, in the screaming that once was a conversation in my head! No girl, I can’t come to bed, because I have to cry myself asleep on the couch once again….

“we fight so hard to fight our fears that we are scaring ourselves”…

I am sitting here tryna decide if I wanna take this medicine! If I do, I’ll end up in the gutter. If I don’t, I’ll end up in the gutter again… either way, it’s self inflicted and nobody will ever find out just how thin my skin really is…

Can I just sleep until I cannot feel again????????

“I’m sick of being ok against my will”, by taking these god damn pills…

I’m ok! I’m not fucken ok! *I’m brOKen going the wrong way on a one way road in my head too busy tryna remember what my therapist said….

My head, it turns intyo TV static ! AHHHHHHHHH

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