rabbinic uncleanliness!

inches from the virgin, it’ll never hurt like that again! i walked into the church and went straight up to the steeple, some people can’t look past evil~some can’t even see though, because they’re on their knees in the booth for confessions. what they don’t know though, is that the preacher is a trans-gender who’s looking for a new profession!

more thorazine to numb my mind, one more fix with a twist of my wrist and an up-side-down crucifix!!!!

desperately seeking an equilibrium within my mind. i’m still seeing red though from all the goats blood in my eyes. it’s still better though, than being blind, or, dirty from the rabbinic uncleanliness. NO!!!! i will no longer ask let alone beg for forgiveness! as above so below~i yanked my shadow up front from behind before another flying monkey he could throw into my mind…

my veins are electric and no longer connected and this ink that is my blood will no longer write the right words of the wrong retrospective! keep reading! there’s more to come and i am sure it’s not to be expected…

pentagrams drawn in chalk! please be cautious how you step, how you walk, because they no longer symbolize the five wounds of jesus! blackwell, how can you say this?!?!?!? just you fucking wait and see. my art is about to get real god damn dark~gone are the days of it being all lite and pretty!

the candle’s flame flickers to the intoxicating stench in the are and I suddenly had no use for any of my hair!

thou shalt not kill! as the doctor writes me another prescription for another pill! taken for what i’m given, has pushed me to the limit and i’ve become “far beyond driven” with all these new thoughts and feelings that are merely chemically deriven. no more built, these bitches are fucken bought!

i am truly a derelict and delinquency has become my new favorite flavor of great piquancy and with what a great intensity!

my thoughts cast a shadow on the wall, and as i reach out to touch it, my whole body gets pulled right through it…

i fall to the ground and when i get up, i’m surrounded by crows in some ancient fucking ruins!

the air is thick, dark, polluted! my head is heavy, but not with thought. i reach up and feel two sharp protrusions…

where am i and what have i become? is this not though, where i belong? is this not simply who i am and who i’ve always been tryna outrun????

something’s moving behind me! what the fuck?!?!? i now have a tail!!!

it has begun, the unconfiguration of my thoughts that are twisted~written on burnt skin that’s blistered!

more to come. stay tuned…

stay up; stay human too

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