—>!Bring Your Own Sanity!<—

Progress takes time, don’t waste it. I’m so close, I can fucking taste it! I just hope, today, I can find the courage to face this…..

4, 3, 2, 1…1, 2, 3, 4~ATTENTION! ATTENTION! You can keep the fucking mic, I want the floor!

As my mind begins to create, these new thought start to permeate. They spread through my body at an alarming rate…

I attempt to speak, the words that were once thoughts, but they continuously keep getting caught and now, my mind is distraught. My own sanity, I thought I brought…

The Devil starts laughing and expects me to hit my knee’s and pray…but, this only causes me to lose my way and, right now, I cannot afford to be lost as there are still debts to be paid and I think we all know the cost!

Swing thoughts again, like a pendulum, some so fast I’m unable to out-run. So, I stay right where I am, where they come from. But, they keep coming, and even though I’m sitting still, my mind keeps running and it’s all up-hill..

Sifting through my thoughts ain’t nothing like tryna find a needle in the hay-stack, no. It’s more like looking for a live body in a pile of dead ones…

She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Meanwhile, I’m wiping my brains off the wall and looking for a clean spot to sleep on the floor…and in doing so, I laid down on a bed full of nails with pillows full of feathers from my SwitchBlade Angels to lay my head instead…

If intimacy is into me I see, what the FUCK is Sanity????? Because, it’s here one minute and then, POOF!, it’s gone without a trace! I feel like a ghost with no sheet, a man without a face…

Attempting to break my insides apart, but I don’t know where to fucking start! Disintegration of my Soul…

Well now, it’s time for my daily dose of chemically deriven feelings as I stare at the demons on the ceiling, it’ll be my face I start peeling…

BRING YOUR OWN SANITY! Because, you don’t want any of mine. Navigating my mind is like walking through a field of land-mines!

Stay Up; Stay Human too…

#builtnotbought #inthegrip #whiteknuckles

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