the caucasian persuasion

I just shaved my head and changed my whole appearance. Instead of a Jason, now I look like a fucking Clarence!

~a slit wrist and an up-side-down crucifix~

I’m writing this at 6:06 am and tryna figure out just who the fuck I am. I realize, as I’m yawning, the Demons in my head keep spawning, I am the missing “6” from the 6″06 am equation; the caucasian persuasion…

My house is made from glass and is no longer that of ill repute, but my mind though, well, it’s still full of thoughts that are wearing gorilla suits and mimes that aren’t mute!

Put your god damn hands in the air as this here is a stick up ya see? It’s highway robbery! Outlaw life is all I know, all I see…

How else am I supposed to fill the jury seats and pay off the judge that’s corrupt when I’m going full-throttle and starting my day at the bottom of a pill bottle?

I’m ridding these racing waves of thought on a rabid crocodile, meanwhile, I’m biting down hard on the bullet~the two go hand in hand~they’re congruent!

I no longer feel guilty for being white and I’m no longer mired down or mured into the subjective worlds of others and white is my new favorite color!

The storm clouds have finally ran out of rain. I still hurt though as they didn’t wash away all the pain…

I’m still UN-stable! I’m still volatile! So, go ahead and lite my fuse, I’ll allow you! and watch as I level the whole block and clear the fucken room and ride off with a new witch on a new broom!

SCREAM! SHOUT! Howlin at the Moon!

Quit looking cuz there ain’t no white privilege here, there never was any to even had disappeared! We all put in our own work around here!!!

Still on the fence about my last suicide attempt…

After the last tear fell from my left eye, I gave it another try…

Proceed with caution as it can be quite dangerous, but it can also be very advantageous, the things you may find, you may feel, when you succeed at slowing down your mind…

Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum….Look out! Here comes another conundrum…

“If a tear falls into the ocean, does it make a sound”?

I gotta go; I’m getting a new tattoo on my Soul…

Stay up; Stay Human too!

#builtnotbought #whiteknuckles #inthegrip

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