The Reciprocal Soul…

The incision was small, but it was big enough to let my Soul go when I feel I’m under attack. I wish I could get all the stones I’ve ever thrown, Back!

I am what I am not. I can’t be any of those things that I forgot. Too much thought gave me what I got, the Mind Rot!

Gotta go, Gotta go, Gotta go, Gotta go~the racing thoughts of an electric mind and the Reciprocal Soul…

My hand can’t keep up with my mind, my legs can’t keep up with my feet, and my knees are oh so week…

I long for a road that’s a little sifter, a little shorter, and a bit less traveled. I need somewhere new to run and let my mind unravel…

My words, they are my shapeless art, and with them, I’m gonna tear your sincerity apart. Does blood still pump through a broken heart?!?!?!?

Searching for a new way to wash this curse away that ain’t so tragic. Think I’ll try me some black magic, but there ain’t any in this here town. LORD! I can feel it pullin me down!!!

Cold, dark home. What’s a poor man to do when he’s got a bad case of the blues this ain’t a fuckin joke no more!!!

I can’t stop crying and I’m tired of seeing things dying…I’m once again, as privileged as a whore!

It’s been said, or so I’ve read, that holding on does more damage than letting go, so, it’s time I let it go, my Soul. After all, is it not Reciprocal???

What will I do once it’s done? I’ll have no feet to run and laying here dying ain’t no fun!

I wanna get tangled up in the wind and Sway! I’m gonna go with Morrigan and fly away…

Stay up; stay human too…

#builtnotbought #whiteknuckles #inthegrip


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