The Monsters Inside of Me!

“Go ahead and smile, you cunts”! I wrote this while I was really stoned! “BLACKWELL”!!! What? Be cautious, as it may be your last, that next stone you throw! Who’s clean anyways when we live in a XXX Society!?!?

I don’t play with matches anymore, and I didn’t just get burned. I turned everything I know and love, into ashes! I just may find another way to do it again, because even by now, I have not learned!

SCREAM! SHOUT!!! Lettin it all out! Tellin y’all what this pain is all about!

My Soul is talking and I think it’s High-Time I listen! I don’t wanna explain this as you wouldn’t even understand the explanation!


Patiently awaiting another day to find me. Hopefully, it happens before they find me, The Monsters Inside of Me!

I can feel ’em scratching and clawing, The Monsters Inside of Me! Some are even looking out my own eyes. Should I let ’em out and be free?! Maybe I already have? SURPRISE!!!!!!!!

Deeply seeded roots of hatred! Can You tell by now, I ain’t fakin????

With The Monsters Inside of Me, and the Angels inside of you, makes it easy for me to want to give the Devil his due!

It was my only hope, that, by now you’d understand, that, sometimes I am, The Monsters Inside of Me; sometimes, I am the Boogey Man!

I gotta go. I’m carrying, with pride, The Monsters Inside of Me, and that Monkey is still on my back and he is still demanding a ride…

Stay up; Stay Human too…

#builtnotbought #whiteknuckles #inthegrip

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