I find myself south of the moon once again, unsure of where I’m going and unable to forget about where I’ve been…

Time to Evolve! Evolve, Evolution! Revolve, Revolution! Dissolve, Dissolution!

Living my best life, my Debauched Lifestyle! Gonna let that one get some air, gonna let it breathe for awhile!

Revolve, Revolution! RPM, Revolutions Per Minute! “I hear it’s nice this time of year on Jupiter”! Spinning round and round as I’m down in it! I no longer seek approval from the Augur~I rolled the bones and the Crow fly’s alone! Revolve, Revolt! as I ride off on this god dammed lightning bolt!

Dissolve, Dissolution! constantly moving, seeking a solution inside these Revolutions~Panoramic! Hotter than an infection! PANIC! as the needle pierces my skin! Oh No! Not another fucking injection! To some, my words are stranger than fiction. Others, well they understand the depiction!

Evolve, Evolution! All of this spinning has knocked me off my center of gravity~It’s hard to concentrate as I’m coming down from normalcy! My modified brain! It’s more like a train, no, a locomotive, a steam engine`HOT and NASTY! Evolving as I’m Revolving! Dizzying thoughts that can only be built, not bought…

Stay up; Stay Human too…

#builtnotbought #inthegrip #whiteknuckles #evolve!

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