~Thought Frequency~

the waves, they peak after the point breaks and are relentlessly pounding, to the point where i find myself wondering, “how much more i can take”?

each wave is a thought within my mind, a situation if you will, a place in time~low fidelity~no need to rectify, no. more like electrify and then amplify…

thoughts pounding and speech that is under pressure, it is the pitch i wish to measure, attempt to establish which one is doing the most contribution, and where exactly is the center of distribution…

water and electricity don’t mix! it’s almost time for me to head downtown and get my next fix. my head! oh how bad it hurts from one million cycles per second, from the megahertz!

who’s that standing there, behind that door? oh i see, it’s the maestro!

it’s exhausting having an over-active imagination. someone, please, change the fucking station!!??!!?!

my head just turnt to TV static! panic! god damn schizophrenic…

stay up; stay human too though…

#builtnotbought #inthegrip #whiteknuckles

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