shoe-strings and paperclips…

Hey, hi, and hello out there!

This blog, 4realrecovery, means so much to me! It’s definitely in the top 3 things that have kept me whole this past 3 years, 5, months, and 5 days. It started out as a suggestion, which turned into a thought and then an idea. Crazy how 1 suggestion from the right person can be so life changing, huh?!?!?!

That suggestion turned idea, birthed! In it’s infant stages, it had a very specific and targeted audience, addicts and alcoholics. Well, as my “new life” began to take shape and evolve, so did 4realrecovery, as I began to realize just how sick I was. 4realrecovery has been everywhere from journal entry’s to song lyrics and poems that articulately reflect my feelings or, lack thereof…

The new targeted audience is, EVERYONE!!! It’s for the loners, the 3 am’ers. The poets, the artists, THE MUSICIANS! It’s for the suffering who cannot speak and the sick, the un-well. It’s for the junkies, the liars, the cheats, and it’s for the thieves! It’s for all those who truly Believe!!!

It’s for those who just wanna scream FUCK! in the middle of church! This blog, and this post, is for all of you to know that you, that WE are not alone! It is for all of those we have lost who have to suffer no more….

It’s for the one’s with the gun, the one’s that are staring at the phone waiting for they money to come through, rocking back and forth, wondering, :how come”?

It;s for the mentally ill, and, it’s also for the “normal” people. Yeah, that’s right! I’m tired of living under the blanket of shade and shame! They need to see, read, and hopefully, change the way they see us!

One year ago today, I survived a bad suicide attempt. I’ve done so much in this past year; I’ve LIVED!!! I’ve fallen down many times, but I always got back up. I’ve triumphed, paid the cost, I’ve loved, and I’ve lost! I’ve made new friends and memories I’ll never forget! I’ve also done some things I’ll forever regret, But< I LIVED THROUGH IT ALL!

This post is also a thank you post! If you have ever read my words or liked them, or shared them… have helped to save my life! So, I thank you kindly!

If you need someone to lean on, I got you, as I too need someone to carry me through…

Stay up; Stay human too…

#builtnotbought #inthegrip #whiteknuckles #suicidesurvivor

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