when i awoke, i came face to face with the repo man of Souls. it was then, i realized i had something he could take from me. so, i turned turning 42 into a distant memory…

ohh! ohh! the chain, back here i come, for it truly is the only way for me. it’s not who i’ve become, but what i always was…

my heart beats at the rhythm of the f-stop blues. read that again so you don’t fucking mis-construe!!!

so many things to fight, and even more triggers to dodge. it’s a mixed bag, a hodge-podge almost! i think it’s time for me to turn back into a ghost. isolation is what i need the most…panic! all of the sudden, i’m scared, full of fear. i wish it would all just fucken disappear! somebody reach in and pull it out through my ear. all of this anger, I have learned, is really just built up fear!!!

i fell asleep, last nite, in the sandcastle of my mind. the sun, the moon, and all of the stars, they were perfectly aligned…

Pressured thoughts that turn mechanical, or maybe maniacal! no, wait, they’re diabolical. i think i am an animal! moving fast! demons on speed and the devil on lsd

~Moon Phase~Mind Phase~

happiness is not a sin and the pain won’t stay that long. time to re-load the bong…

i have become soft with a hardness even i struggle to define. i gotta go, i gotta take these pills the doctor gave me to try and ease my mind, to make me feel fine…

stay u; stay human too…

#inthegrip #whiteknuclkles #builtnotbought

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