There’s all different kinds of Labels in this world. They come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. They have a million different reasons, meanings, and intentions. Some, even include a few surprises!

There are Labels on the food we eat, our beds, and even on the pillows on which we lay our heads! Some are accepted, while others, they will always be rejected with a malevolent level of acceptance…

But, when push comes to shove, the above mentioned Labels are not, today, the ones I wish to speak of…

I’m talking today about the Labels we put on others, the Labels that society gives us that cause an enormous amounts of mistrust…

Each Label has a definition, but who gets to be the one to define? How thick or thin are the lines? Some, are thin and barely make a sound, while others, are BLARING, thick, AND SO PROFOUND!

I’ve been called everything in the book! I’ve been given every Label. Shit, some I proudly took. Yeah, that’s right, read that again. I just ran out of ink. I’ll be right back; I gotta go grab another pen….

Some Labels though, are misunderstood. Their true meanings are much richer, much deeper than one would think, and I guess, as they should…

Be careful though, when throwing around Labels. Be cautious what you do, because that Label you gave me, just might be a better fit on you!!!

So, take those Labels from off of your pretty little head, and use them to cover the holes society has punched in your heart, INSTEAD!

Stay up; Stay human too…

#builtnotbought #inthegrip #whiteknuckles #fuckstigmas #jsutsaynotolabels

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