Curve The Light!

I was talkin to myself, tryna answer some questions. I could finally breathe as, Death just took her foot from my neck and if you ask me, she left a bad impression!

Curve The Light without any effort, without a fight. Just as I attempt to these crooked and twisted thoughts inside of my head, inside of my mind…

Trying harder to decide which me to be inside of these Twisting Realities…

Match_Books inside of the Match-Box~You can try but you’ll never turn back a clock!

I’m constantly Jaded because this love I feel is Jaded…


Pre-meditated Adjudication and suddenly, I feel like I’m drowning~inadequate! I’m breathing under water! Don’t worry! Don’t hurry! It’s too late!!!

So, what’s up next? Ok, Ok…I’ll let ya know; I won’t make you weight, as that can get heavy! You know? When your thoughts jump up and levitate?!!!

But first, I must warn you, Honey! This is the XXX version! It ain’t free! So, BITCHES BETTER HAVE MY MONEY!!!

Hold up! Wait! First, I need a ride to the store! I’m outa Beer and smokes, and I fucken NEED more!

Ok! I’m back at it! I know! I know! I’m sorry if you panicked!

This next part is as much XXX as it is tragic! I confess, I had a Sadomasochist Accident! I learnt it from this chic I’m wit! At first she was a pacifist! But, now dat bitch an Anarchist!

~Curve The Light~

Wait! Can I get a re-do/ Scene One, Take two…

Where I live, I’m surrounded by churches. It’s a god damn miracle I ain’t burnt-up-yet! And just what is a miracle? Looky here! Looky here! I AM EMPIRACLE!!!

Thoughts that became actions in the un-describable shape of imagination that will always be the truest in theory because they will always have an ever-changing form! Unimaginative Norms! True North…

My moral compass won’t stop spinning! Hurry up! I cannot start over from the beginning!

The Light, it comes at me and as I twist away, it wraps itself around my head, which is now a ring, and my thoughts are getting ready to fight…

Now, this can happen during the day, but occurs mostly at night….

Stripped bare! My thoughts are now Bald! I just blew my brains all over the wall. It’s time to go to sleep. I need to go bleach my eyeballs. Chlorine Dreams! Curve the Light…

Stay up; Stay human…

#builtnotbought #inthegrip #whiteknuckles

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