*Dog Talk*

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…Can You Fucking Hear Me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

She said, “why are you up so early”? And I thought, “why are you sleeping so late”???!!!

Y’all thought I was gone, well, I’m back! Little Jay, the addict Y’all love to hate! Keep runnin your mouth and we gonna end up cellmates!!!

It’s 202, the year of the Witch and I’m not sure what it is, this year, I will get. I have no fucken way, for this to predict! I’m pretty sure good or bad, I’ll end up with what I deserve. I’ll settle for getting what I get…

I wish though, I could trade all of this pain in for a new set of wings, so when it all gets to be too much, I could fly away from all of this suffering. But, I know that’ll never happen. So, I’ll stay right here with this pen and paper and at this desk as I attempt to get this shit off my chest!

Sometimes, I can’t see it at the end of the tunnel, the light, and other times, it’s so fucking bright!

I can see clearer than I ever have. Schizophrenic! Which one is my better half? It’s no surprise my mind is so fucked up inside!

Is this fairy tale really real? I fight so hard to be a real man, the whole time, holding my death in my own hands…

Anyways, thanks for listening. That’s happiness in my eyes, not tears, thats got them glistening~it’s music to my ears!

Nothing is ever the same being this insane, except for constant change. I can smell fear, but I can taste hope, and it’s no longer at the end of a rope…

Electric currents in my head that flow to my hand, writing words for those that wish to throw it all away and REVOLT! Using nothing but this lightning bolt!

That’s Dog Talk baby! Watch as I raise my Leg!

Stay up; Stay human too though…

#builtnotbought #whiteknuckles #inthegrip

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