The Good Things…

It’s cloudy outside; the Sun hides her pretty face. The air is cold, thin, and calm. The snow is done drifting and has taken the shape of its final form…

It’s quite the opposite inside my home. Inside of my mind there is a storm. Prejudicated complications! I’ve got it in my mind, before it even begins, to complicate things. I overthink and because of that, I have a hard time seeing things for what they truly are in their simplest form. Storming the Norms!!!

I hate it! How I complicate it! That warm and fuzzy makes me dizzy and confused! I feel like I’ve been used! I feel guilty for being hungry! These learned feelings are hard to change. So, for now, I’ll just re-arrange a few things…

I guess the biggest problem I have, is not fully understanding the how and why behind why I do these things. It seems simple minded to just change and, without knowing the how and why, it makes it harder for me to know how to change…

It’s like, how does one fix a car without troubleshooting it first? Well, I literally just sat back and thought about this last sentence for about twenty minutes and here is what I came up with…

If an alternator goes out on a car, I just change it. I do not need to know how or why it broke before I will change it, I just change it. I think it’s similar with me not knowing how to accept The Good Things?!

Progress! I think I will end this post with this, I hope these words have helped you, whoever is reading this, as much as they have helped me to write them!

Stay up; Stay human too.


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