good morning out there! I’ma jump right in the fire here. don’t believe everything you see and hear. my words, though they come from a place of experience and are bonded with trauma and are written crystal clear, won’t mean shit if read by an unreliable narrator.

here we go, in an attempt together, to become more user-friendly~take my hand and come with me…

this morning though, I’ma attempt to explain how my thoughts come real quick, but they go real slow. jumps, skips, and hops! changing every time that beat drops!

they just jumped from real fast to real slow. I just went from sleeping on them and snoring, to extra-ordinary. so, at the least, I can promise, what’s to follow, will not be boring!

it’s at times like these, when my thoughts are interesting and not racing, when I can control being an asshole. no pressured speech and everything I want is, well, within reach!


while, at first, my thoughts they jumped like a jack-rabbit, have now skipped and start to claw real slow like a cat at it without any regards to damage control.

my Soul needs to give my mind a hug, but it’s too busy repairing my broken heart. I’ll attempt to explain this, but it is the hardest part. hold on, wait a minute, lemme put some pimping in it! ok, now I’m ready to start. back to my Soul not being able to repair my broken heart, it’s not that it won’t, because it’s ready to start. it’s that it CAN’T! nothing can. not even god’s own hands. and that’s ok, because I’ma prove to you that broken hearts can still love!

now, my thoughts just HOPPED as the god damn beat just ddrrrroopped!


they shook the whole fucken room. my thoughts are, from the cat’s paw’s, clawed apart, and now left to my imagination. this mother-fucking broken heart has wrenched my self-determination. collateral damage now becomes imminent and everything is wild, racing, out of reach, and out of fucking control!!!

fuck it! gimme them dice! I want another roll and I need a pair of three’s to become more user-friendly!

oh shit! I crapped out~don’t take this too lightly, but don’t internalize everything you just heard and saw. go read some words from someone with more clout. I’m about to tear this fucking room apart! racing thoughts! broken heart!

I wish I would cycle already. these thoughts are fast-acting and now, my Soul is fasting…

stay up; stay human too…

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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