PalinDrome Post 0202-2020!

Good morning out there and welcome to the great palindome date of, 0202/2020!

Many of you out there may be wondering what is so different, special, and or great about the date. Wipe that sleep from out your eyes! Surprise, surprise! The numbers are the same forwards as they are backwards. So, we about to have some fun with not just numbers, but also with words, as it’s been something like 900 years since, in the date, this has occurred!

I first learned of the word, palindrome, while I was reading when I was incarcerated as a young lad. It was one of those things I learned and also thought was very interesting and thought perplexing, but I quickly brain dumped it due to the lack of its useful use.

Here is a little on what I found about this vernacular phenomenon, brought to you by, ThoughtCo., and written by, Kim Bussing, 08-29-18 on, The History Of Palindromes. “Palindrome derives from the Greek word palindromos, meaning ‘running back again’. However, the use of palindromes was not exclusive to the Greeks. Since at least 79 AD, palindromes appeared in Latin, Hebrew, and Sanskrit.

“Lewd did I live, Evil did I dwell”, John Taylor, English poet.

“With palindromes, the same rules of punctuation, capitalization, and spacing don’t apply. For example, the word “Hannah” is a palindrome, even though both H’s aren’t capitalized. And what about words that spell another word backwards, like “live” becoming “evil’? That’s called a semordnilap, which happens to be itself a semordnilap of palindrome”.

Thanks to Kim Bussing and ThoughtCo. for the very useful and interesting information. What an interesting word, palindrome, which is so simple yet complex, it contains a palindrome in it’s definition!

Have fun with this today!

Stay up; Stay human too…


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