Life! She recently opened her jaws and swallowed me up! I could have, but I didn’t fight it. I guess I’d finally had enough. The culminating events came about real slow, but, the opportunity was abrupt, when it presented itself, I was ready to erupt! I guess I’d had enough…

So, I decided to let go, to give in, to give up…

Everyone wants to be happy, to spread cheer, to manifest love and light. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, as, at times, so do I. But, come here lately, I’ve accepted my fate, as I’ve chosen to embrace the hate! It’s a war I can’t win and a battle I can no longer fight!

Maybe you can, maybe you can’t, so, allow me to enlighten you. But first, you must know, that after you’ve read this post, you’ll have accepted me for who I truly am, and, there will no longer be the opportunity for any of us to recant…

Light and dark, there are countless ways and reasons to define both, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll go with what they mean to me the most. One is with, and the other is without hope…

Shadow is defined as, “a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface”, Merriam Webster. I think we can all agree upon this being true, to be proven, scientifically, and no joke.

Well, my shadow, it has ghosts! And it’s in the Shadows, with my ghosts, where I feel truly alive the MOST!

In the beginning, at the start, it’s hard to tell them apart and differentiate what each one’s purpose is, and what they all represent. But, after spending significant time here, a lot of things became clear, and I came to realize, that in the Shadows lies the truth to my secrets, and that it’s only here that I’m able to beat this!

You can break it down any which way you like. Who or what is the dark area and who or what is the body coming between the surface and the FUCKING rays of light!?

In these trying times, if and or when you find yourself in the dark, or in the “Shadows”, I hope this helps you as much as it did for me to write…

Stay up; Stay human too…


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