“Artificial Red”

Good morning to all my true believers out there who woke up clean with me again, 292 days baby! So the title comes from a Mad Season song title. I LOVE Lane Staley! This IS how I spend my days in recovery from a fatal disease! Please listen to this song! Please?! “And I’m alone again”.”Alone untouched is what I crave”! These are just a few of the lines from that song I love. It starts out with a drum beat slow and steady just like how I can feel my own heart beat in the vein in the back of my head some days when those tension headaches get going! I like the phrase artificial red, to begin with. I know I have said before on here about how I see red sometimes right? Well, I am pretty sure that is real, but it is the what that is making me feel so angry that I go red that is the artificial because I allow it to become a reality in my mind and in my heart. Whew….. My mind is going at light speed so much that I have not even drunk my coffee yet and I type these right out as they come from my heart and mind and my typing skills are still growing. I think the most used key on my keyboard is the backspace button! Bawhahahahah! Second to the spacebar! No really, though, I need to get and keep my Chi centered and quit letting others and other situations cause me to go Red.I am sure at least two of the eight people reading this know what I am talking about. Sit still and breathe and pray right? I know I know but when I get to the red stage it is damn near impossible to sit still! I have literally made myself sit on my hands more than a couple of times! But it works! “Uncomfortable in Recovery” right? Hell yeah right! Something else I wanted to touch on this mooning, and no that is not a typo I meant to say this mooning, is how much I love seeing others’ accomplishments and especially those that are of the addicted kind! LET ME SEE EM!!!!!! Please, no joke, send them to me somehow someway! I am starting a new page for people to post any and all accomplishments with no judgment and all praise!!!!!!!! So bring the fucking noise and lets show society that we as addicts can and are changing! Somedays my only accomplishment besides not using, as if that is not enough, is not going to jail! Not sure how to show someone else that, maybe a selfie? I can write up some I didn’t use or go to jail today certificates if needed! For real for real! I need to see these accomplishments!!! Well, 17572018_382345098815941_813691465_oI gotta go and love Monday! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life changes for the better as mine has and continues to. God bless and stay up. I love you and you matter to me!